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Making it easier for people to switch to an electric vehicle means a faster overall transition to zero emission travel and a cleaner, greener world.
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Tom and Cameron directors of Choose You Chargers

Our Story

We’re Tom and Cameron, life long friends and co-founders of Choose Your Charger.

It all started when Cam’s Dad selected a plug-in hybrid for his company car but was given no information about charging it. It was just dropped off with some charging cables. We had a chat about how difficult it had been to work out if he needed a charger, which one was best, where it could be installed and then who would install it. At that point, we agreed that surely there needs to be an easier way to do this, and Choose Your Charger was the outcome!

With backgrounds in energy and aerospace engineering, we were conscious that our industries have a huge part to play in reducing the environmental impact on the planet, particularly where travel is concerned. This ignited our passion, so we’ve decided to try and make our own contribution. We want to accelerate the switch to electric vehicles by making it easier for everyone.


Choose great value and service

Whether price is priority or you’re after something with loads of extra features, we’ll have something that’s right for you. We only work with the best manufacturers and installers.


Choose to have a positive impact

We work with environmentally conscious partners and manufacturers. We prioritise local, nearby installers, all of which are small to medium sized businesses.


Choose ease and simplicity

Simplicity was at the centre of our very first conversation, and has been a core value since. Choose your charger and book your install within a few minutes.

Now you know us better, let’s get started

Using our quick and easy comparison tool, you can find the perfect EV charger for you and get booked in for your installation, all within a few minutes.We’ll match you with a trusted installer who’ll get in touch to discuss some final details, then pop round to complete the installation.

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Want to know more about charging your vehicle?

We’ve written some blog posts to share some useful information about EV charging. These articles may help you save money, select the right charger or they might just be an interesting read!

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