Choose Your Charger is Carbon Negative!


We’re really proud to announce that we’re now a carbon negative business! This means that through our business activities, we’re taking more CO2 out of the atmosphere than we’re putting into it.

Our vision is to make this world cleaner and greener, accelerating the switch to electric vehicles by making charging easier for everyone. Transport contributes a quarter of all CO2 in the UK. Petrol and diesel cars make up the majority of this with a total 15% of the UK’s CO2 emissions. As people move to electric vehicles, we’ll see this reduce over time, which is great!

It’s all good that we’re talking the talk by promoting cleaner travel to our customers but we feel we need to walk the walk ourselves with our business. As CO2 emissions are linked directly to climate change, this is the area we want to focus on initially.

Before becoming carbon negative, the first step was becoming carbon neutral. This meant ensuring our CO2 emissions were next to nothing, and having means to offset any CO2 we did produce. Here’s what we’re doing to ensure this:

  • Our workspaces are powered by 100% renewable electricity. - Switching to energy tariffs that supply renewable electricity allows us to power all of our office and IT equipment with no negative impact on the environment.
  • Our website is hosted on a server powered by renewable electricity. - Server and data centres already have a similar CO2 output to global air travel, and this is set to keep increasing! As a web based business, we needed to factor this in. We also use services hosted on renewable servers for our in house activity.
  • We keep travel to a minimum, and use an EV when we travel. - Given our business, we obviously promote the use of EVs over their petrol and diesel counterparts. If we need to travel by road, we have the use of an EV which we can charge at home with 100% renewable electricity. However, where possible we’ll meet virtually or use public transport to further reduce our impact on the environment.

This wasn’t actually too difficult for a web based business like ours, and partly why we wanted to share this article, because we’re hoping others can take some of these low effort steps to reduce their carbon footprint too.

The next step was to offset any CO2 emissions we create and then some extra, to become carbon negative. Our first move is our partnership with Ecologi, which allows us to plant a tree on behalf of every customer that completes a quote with us.

Deforestation causes around 10-25% of global CO2 emissions per year. The range may vary across studies but even the lower end of this is staggering! By working with Ecologi, we can counteract this impact by planting new trees which in turn, absorb CO2.

We got the ball rolling by planting 100 trees, now it’s over to you. As a customer, you play a key role in this and It’s really simple. Get a quote from us and we’ll plant a tree for you, even if you don’t proceed with the installation. We also plant additional trees if you complete a Trustpilot or product review after your installation.

So there we go, Choose Your Charger is carbon negative! We offset our usage with renewable electricity and we’re planting trees in places like Mozambique and Madagascar through Ecologi.

Our next steps

As a species, we’re a long way off resolving climate change but the future is bright, there are a lot of organisations and projects doing inspiring things across the world. We don’t feel comfortable resting on our laurels either, which is why we have more in the pipeline. 

Our business is just over a year old, and we’re still quite small in size, which means our environmental impact is easy to offset with our current measures. As we grow, we’ll need to do more to offset our impact but we’ll also have more resources and influence to be able to do this. Additional projects with Ecologi such as funding the installation of solar panels and wind turbines in developing countries is something we’re exploring. We’ll also look to plant larger quantities of trees ourselves.

Closer to home are the partners we work with. We may be carbon negative, but to be transparent we’re conscious that we generate work for our installation partners that utilise fleets of vehicles. It’s a much bigger commitment for electrical firms with existing fleets of petrol/diesel vans to become fully electric than a small web based business like ourselves. We know our partners are working on this but it may take them a little longer to get there. This is something we’ll continue to focus on to ensure we’re driving a positive impact throughout the supply chain. Watch this space as we’ll be looking to give our customers more control over things like environmentally friendly installs in the future.


Now it’s your turn!

We’re really happy with what we’ve been able to achieve in this short space of time just by making a few changes and setting up our partnership with Ecologi. Everyone can play a part in tackling climate change, what we’re doing isn’t unique and anyone can do it! You can contribute today just by requesting a quote from us! 

If you want to go one step further, Ecologi will plant 60 trees if you use the referral link at the bottom of our page to set up your own profile. You can do this as a person or a business.

The aim of this post isn’t to preach, it’s just to show that there are some small things you can do to make a big difference in reducing your impact on the planet, ultimately tackling climate change. We hope it’s been insightful and encouraging!

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