How much does an EV charger cost to install?

What are my options?

You can actually get an EV charger installed at home for as little as £30 a month with no upfront costs!

However there are a range of charging options at varying prices depending on what model you select and how much work is involved in the installation.

Choose Your Charger is a comparison website for electric vehicle (EV) chargers. Our website will help you make an informed choice on which charger is best for you. All of our prices include a standard installation. We even refer you to a local installer to provide a final quote and get the charger fitted if you want to go ahead.

Until March 2022, most homeowners with private parking and an eligible electric vehicle were able to get up to £350 off their charger and installation with the government OZEV grant. The grant is still available, but only for customers that live in a flat or a rented house. This means that most homeowners will now pay full price for their homecharger. 


Pay monthly

A new, fantastic option, is the UK’s first EV charger subscription. We now offer this in partnership with Egg from £30 a month with no upfront costs. This includes free installation, free call outs within 2 working days, dedicated customer support and a host of other benefits. You can also cancel at any time.

Egg have a great background and a wealth of experience in subscription offers, home installations and customer service.

Find out more about our £30 subscription here.

Pay monthly

We have a range of chargers available if you’d rather pay in full upon installation. These range from £959 to £1,240 for the charger and standard installation. The price really depends on what features you’d like. Click here to see what’s available in your area.

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