What is the best home EV Charger?

Home Electric vehicle charger

If you've recently switched to an EV or are thinking about it, the question of which EV charger is best will be on your mind. I know it was on mine!

Everyone has their own preference on what features are most important to them and which charger will look best on their house or garage. The short answer is the “best” charger is relative to the person and their charging needs.

The right question is what is the best EV charger for me? Try and consider these three aspects:

  • What features are important to me?
  • How much do I want to pay?
  • How do I want it to look?

Let’s consider these questions.

What features are important to me?

All chargers have their own features, plus points and quirks, so it's key that you understand what you need from your charging solution before you select your charger. This ensures you get the best experience and use of the features your charger has to offer.

How powerful should my charger be?

Chargers come with varying levels of power output which charge your vehicle at different speeds. Most UK homes have a single-phase power supply, meaning the maximum power recommended from a charger is around 7kW, all of our chargers are capable of delivering this. There are faster 22kW chargers but these require a three-phase power supply, more commonly found in business and commercial buildings.

Do I want to schedule charging times and see charging data on my phone?

Most modern chargers are wifi compatible, giving you visibility of your charging and control over when you charge your vehicle, all from your phone. This is particularly useful if you have an EV specific energy tariff, and have cheaper electricity at certain times of the day.

 Do I want a tethered or untethered charger?

A tethered charger comes with the cable hard wired onto the charger. An untethered charger will be the socket only so you’ll need to plug the cable in yourself each time you charge.

Most charges offer both options, but a few come with just the socketed option. Vehicles usually come with the cables, it’s just more convenient to have a tethered charger to save you having to connect and disconnect each time. This comes at a price though, the tethered chargers cost slightly more than the socketed versions. However, the socketed chargers are sometimes preferred as they look neater and more discrete without the cable being permanently attached.

Can I avoid my driveway being dug up?

The majority of chargers require an earth stake that needs to be driven into the ground under where it is installed, regardless of the surface. This is to stop dangerous electricity faults. However,  if you've got a lovely driveway that you don’t want to damage, you can choose a charger that has built in earth protection, replacing the need for an earth stake. All chargers that we display online come with this built in protection. This also makes the installation simpler, which can save you money too.

Do I have solar panels?

If so, you'll want to be able to harvest that clean, green energy to power your car. Some chargers are capable of being paired with your solar panels and if you have one, a PV battery. A solar compatible charger can increase charging output when you’re generating more solar power, and lower charging output when you’re using energy from the power grid. This can both be cost effective and lower your own carbon footprint.


How much do I want to pay?

Once you’ve identified which chargers suit your needs based on the features they offer, you’ll be able to compare their prices. If you live in a rented property or a flat, it's worth checking if you’re eligible for the government’s OZEV Homecharge Scheme Grant, as this can save you up to £350 off the price of your charger and installation. On our website, guide prices with the installation included start at £959 and go up to £1270 so there are options for a range of budgets. We also offer a subscription for £30 a month.


How do I want it to look?

Most of the time, EV chargers are installed in a visible place on your property. Whether you want something discrete, or something to match the look of your house, the style of the charger may be important to you. Just like the vehicles they power, EV chargers come in a range of styles from simple and minimalistic to quirky and funky. Some charger models also spoil you for choice with a range of colours. You can really express your style through your EV charger!

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So which charger is best?

As you can probably gather from the points covered so far, it’s down to individual preference! So have a think about what your priorities are. 

If you want something packed with features, then you might want to look at the Myenergi Zappi. If budget is your key focus, the Project EV Pro Earth II has a great price. For a sleek style and plenty of colour options, the EO Mini Pro 2 might be up your street.

One thing’s for sure, there’s something for everyone, and you can view and compare all of these with us. We’ll also check your eligibility for the £350 OZEV Homecharge Scheme Grant, and arrange your installation if you want to go ahead with your quote.

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