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An EV charger is a faster, smarter and safer way to power your car. On average, your vehicle will charge 4 times quicker than a normal plug socket. All of our chargers have smart features, meaning you can monitor and sometimes control charging from your phone. Your safety is important, all of our EV chargers come with electric current overload and fault protection. 

The type 2 charger is the standard socket type in the UK and Europe. The vast majority of vehicle manufacturers here use type 2 charging sockets on new electric vehicles and plug in hybrids. If you have an older vehicle or an imported vehicle from outside of Europe you may want to check with the seller to find out what type of charger cable you’ll need. All of our tethered chargers have type 2 cables, so if your vehicle needs a type 1 charging cable, you’ll need a socketed charger.

You can find out everything you need to know about the OZEV Homecharge scheme grant here

Some of our chargers give you socketed or tethered options. Here’s the the difference between the two:

Socketed - comes with a universal socket, you need to use your own charging cable (these usually come with the vehicle, but you may want to check with your dealership to be sure). The socketed option tends to be cheaper, allows you to use cables of different lengths and look a bit tidier on your drive. They also future proof your charger in case a future vehicle requires a different cable type.

Tethered - comes with a charging cable that is permanently attached to the charger. This is the most convenient option, just get out of your car and plug straight in. All of our tethered options come with type 2 cables.

kW stands for kilowatt, it’s a measurement of power. The higher the kW the more power a charger can deliver leading to faster charging times. 

The chargers we offer range from 7 - 7.6 kW, this is the maximum power that can typically be installed into domestic households with a single phase power supply.

Public and workplace chargers often have 22kW chargers or higher.

All of our chargers are Smart. Put simply, this means that as long as your charger is connected to wifi, it can communicate with your phone app to provide you with charging data, allow you to schedule charging and even receive software updates.

The full charging time varies depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Generally, the larger the battery in the vehicle the longer it will need to fully charge. Here are some typical examples of charging times using a 7kW charger. 

Toyota Prius hybrid - approximately 2.75 hours 

Volkswagen e-Golf - approximately 5 hours 

Vauxhall corsa E - approximately 7.5 hours 

Porsche taycan - approximately 12 hours 

Depending on your home, the charging time may also increase if you’re simultaneously using other appliances that take a lot of power, for example electric showers and hot tubs.Your installer will be able to advise on this when they complete your online survey.


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