Standard Installation Criteria

What is a standard installation?

The guide price we display online is based on your installation falling within the standard installation criteria shown below. We do this so you have a rough idea of what your installation quote may come to prior to completing a full survey with your installer.  If your installation falls outside of a standard install, your installer may recommend additional work and you can expect a higher total price.


Included within a Standard Installation

  • Up to 10 meters of standard and/or armoured cable routed from the consumer unit (sometimes called a fuse board) to the EV charger.

  • One hole drilled through your internal wall and one hole drilled through your external wall with cable routed through.

  • All electrical connections required at the supply and at the chargepoint.

  • Fitting of an EV charger onto a brick, plaster or permanent structure.

  • A mini circuit breaker fitted into your consumer unit. (Provided there is a spare way in the consumer unit with adequate RCD protection)

  • Electrical testing of the Installed EV charger and routed cable.

  • Provision of a certificate from your industry accredited installer.

  • Plastic trunking/conduit up to 4m if necessary to conceal interior wiring.

  • Up to 4 hours of committed labour from your installer.

Some examples where work required may exceed a Standard installation and additional cost may apply.

  • Where the installation requires more than 10 meters total of standard/armoured cable.

  • Any additional electrical components needed if the charger cannot be installed into the consumer unit with the already provided mini circuit breaker.

  • Any groundwork or any work to conceal cables that will result in excessive labour (over 4 hours) required to complete the installation.

  • Upgrade/replacement of the main fuse as this would result in the local District Network Operator (e.g. Western Power Distribution) needing to be present for the additional work.

  • Gas and water mains bonding (earthing) must be in place at the property. If this isn’t in place, this would be additional work needed before the installation.

  • If you want to mount your charger on a post/pedestal rather than an existing wall.