Terms & Conditions

At Choose Your Charger we believe in simplicity, and we know how complicated most terms & conditions documents are. You will see our terms and conditions are set out in a simple, easy to read format. This means you will know exactly what you are getting from us and also what will be expected from you.

If you need any help understanding the terms and conditions or want more information, please contact us at hello@chooseyourcharger.co.uk.


We/Our/Us/the Company - will always refer to Choose Your Charger Ltd (registered limited company in England & Wales. Company number 12926678)

Customer - will always refer to the Domestic and/or Commercial user booking an installation.

Installer - will always refer to the person/company that will be fulfilling the installation booking.

Install/Installation - General term for the service provided by the installer. This includes fitting the selected product to a point where it is in full working condition.

Standard Installation - An installation that meets the requirements of the Standard Installation Criteria outlined by the company. The full Standard Installation document can be found here: Standard Installation,

Working days - any day other than a Saturday, a Sunday, Christmas Day, Good Friday or a day which is a bank holiday under the Banking and Financial Dealings Act 1971 in any part of the United Kingdom.

The Basics

1. All the terms and conditions of the contractual agreement between the company and the customer can be found in this document. Any other terms and conditions and or contracts between the company and customer will not be binding unless it is a written letter signed by both parties.

2. Over time we may change our terms and conditions to reflect changes to how we operate. To ensure customers and installers are always up to date with the current terms and conditions, this document should always be read prior to completing a transaction on our website.

3. The company holds the right to change its terms and conditions as and when it chooses. But we will always honour the version of the terms and conditions that were issued at the time of booking by the customer.

4. We will always aim to keep our product / general information on our website and in our marketing campaigns up to date. This information is only a guide, as products and the services we offer are constantly changing. There may be a slight lag between an industry change and the update being made to our website.

5. All imagery, text, branding and videos on our website are subject to copyright legislation. Therefore anyone using our website is restricted from copying, duplicating or altering such items unless they have written consent from the company.

6. Any reviews displayed on the website are views from the general public, these views should only be taken as people's opinion and not fact. Therefore always refer to our official product information and services found on our website when making a decision.

7. The company holds the right to withdraw products and services from the website as and when it chooses, to suit needs of the company. But we will honour the customer bookings made prior to the change.

Choose Your Charger Ltd

8. The company is a product comparison and lead generation service. Customers use our website to compare products and request a quote to book their installation service with third party installers. We as a company do not participate in any of the installation or commissioning of products that are shown on our website. Therefore we do not accept any liability for any services or actions of the installer. As the Installation contract will be between the customer and installer, all liability for the installation and commissioning of the products will be with the installer that has accepted the customer’s booking.

9. We as a company have a duty of care to the customer to ensure that their product is installed by an accredited installer that is certified to install that given product. No customer will be matched with an installer that does not have the accreditation/certification to install the product that is chosen by the customer.

10. Any questions, queries or issues that the customer has while on our site or prior to an installation will be answered by the company, these should be sent to hello@chooseyourcharger.co.uk and will be dealt with accordingly.

11. After the installation has taken place, all aftercare, issues or questions the customer has should be directed to the installer or manufacturer.



12. All of the prices shown on our website are guide prices only. Wherever a price is shown, it will be preceded by the word “from” to signify this. The guide price is based on the approximate cost of the charger and includes a standard installation. The installer will provide the actual price when they quote the customer.

To see what's included in a standard installation click here: Standard installation.

13. The company holds the right to change the prices that are displayed on the website at the company’s discretion.

14. It is within the installer’s right to quote any price they see fit to provide the charger and carry out the installation.

15. Where applicable, the Choose Your Charger website will show a £350 discount based on the customer potentially being eligible for the government Home Charge Scheme Grant managed by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV). This is a guide based on the customer’s response to specific questions on the Choose Your Charger website. There are further checks that the installer will carry out to determine whether the customer is eligible, with OZEV making the final decision upon submission of the application. The installer will apply for the OZEV grant on behalf of the customer. Choose Your Charger doesn’t take any responsibility for the customer’s eligibility or application process in regards to the OZEV Homecharge Scheme Grant.


The Installation

16. The date of the installation is to be agreed between the customer and the installer after the quote has been accepted. If the customer needs to change their installation date then they should contact the installer.

17. If there is an issue with the product, the customer should contact the manufacturer. If the customer has an issue with the installation work carried out at the property, they should contact the installer, as the installer is liable and responsible for work carried out at the property.  

Customer cancellations

18. All customer installation cancelations should be taken up with the installer under their Terms and Conditions. Choose Your Charger does not have the ability to cancel or change installation dates, as the customer’s agreement is with the installer.

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